Class Discussion Blog-Should you give a homeless person a dollar?

I would usually give a homeless person a dollar because they are homeless they need it. They could buy food, water and clothing, and things needed to support their family. But reasons I would not give a homeless person a dollar are because they could spend it unwisely, they could waste it, and I would rather buy food or whatever they needed and give it to them. They could spend the dollar you give them unwisely and buy unneeded things, like drugs and alcohol. They could waste the dollar given to them because they might have not deserved it. They could have been homeless for reasons they could have prevented or because of laziness. They could have chose not o work and make money, and the money I would be given them would of came from the hard earned money I have worked for. I chose to work for my money and earn it so I would not want someone to throw it away, o spend it on unneeded things, when I could have bought something I needed or even just wanted. I would also just rather buy them what they need instead because if I do that I would know my money did not go to waste or was not spent unwisely. When doing this you can take them to go buy food, water, clothes and more. I would also rather go and buy what they are asking for because they could be lying about their living condition and change their minds after I say I would go buy it for them. Also if they are lying and saying they are going to buy something needed and they really are going to go buy drugs or alcohol, unneeded things, than I would prevent them from hurting their selves more and know that I will be really spending my money to benefit them by buying them what they need right there and then.

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